18 August 2017


My lifes mission is to be relentlessly ME, to BE alive and to liberate others to FEEL and BE alive too. 

I bring the freedom to BE to peoples lives, to come alive, to BE alive. 

I don't want to call what I do "Coaching", it's so much more natural than that, what I do, I do through who I am, I do it through being relentlessly me.  

Myself and inspiring people who are committed to excellence co-create together through deep and meaningful conversations, these conversations bring excitement, energy, calm, radiance, simplification, clarity, love, empowerment, insight, vision and the power to create those visions in the world, in a way that aligns with who we really are. 

The work we do together one on one is transformational. It's an inner transformation that creates your outer world in inspiring and incredible ways.

I am not going to convince anyone to do work with me, I never want to do that, what I do want is people who have seen me, heard about me, connected with me or read the writing I have created and resonate with who I am and what I do to contact me for a deep and meaningful conversation, the conversation will be transformative and if YOU allow it to, it will bring to your being all of the above that I have written. 

If we connect with each other and we both feel we would LOVE to continue our work together, than we can talk about what that would be like and what suits us both at that time. 

If you are as commited to excellence as I am and would like to co-create inner and outer transformation with me, than get in touch to apply: info@georgehowardinspire.com

Email me explaining why you want this and what you are committed to creating right now, I would love to hear that. 

With love, George. 


Some inspiring and wonderful people wrote appreciative and lovely words about who I am so I decided to share them here: 

"Wise, intuitive, loving.

When I think of George, those are the words that best describe him. 

Wise (way) beyond his years, George intuitively knows what questions to ask, and he does it with love. 

The time and money I’ve spent with George has been worth it — and then some. If you have the opportunity to work with George, consider yourself fortunate. 

You’re about to grow, learn, and love, in ways you haven’t experienced before."  

~ Gregory Noack - Writer & Marketing Storyteller

“George is so present, it actually made me a little nervous. In a good way. I can see why he is a powerful coach, it’s like he’s seeing what you’re not saying, not even thinking, or not yet aware of. From the little we’ve talked, I sense that he is brave, bold and yet really genuinely caring and kind. He has a zen-like adventurous spirit. Connected to nature, but patient in the unfolding. I don’t have to know George for another minute to see that whomever is sitting in front of him, is the only person in the world.”

Vanessa Broers - Coach @Sweat & Butter

"George Howard is such a caring, heart-centered person. I was able to meet George personally last summer in Budapest and just being around him already gave me deep insights about myself and how I want to show up in the relationships I’m having with others. This man truly cares. I felt understood, and totally accepted. You can feel that from the first minute. He provides the love and space needed to open up and helps us to make those transformative shifts within us that takes the quality of our relationships to a totally new level."

Sam Ryter – Coach, Seminar Leader and Writer @ samryter.com  

“I spent a week with George and his lovely fiancee, Rosie, walking and talking along the boulevards of Bucharest. I immediately recognized that I was in the company of a fellow troubadour and lover of beauty. George’s passion, authenticity, and love for people was clearly evident, and it makes him a shining example of what inspired living looks like. It is nice to know that there are people out there like George who are on a revelatory mission, and I absolutely know his work is changing the world for the better.”

Zan Perrion – Founder, Leader of The Ars Amorata and Author of “The Alabaster Girl”