21 April 2019

"You’re about to grow, learn, and love, in ways you haven’t experienced before." 

I help men with low self esteem, become powerful, confident and relaxed in who they are. 

From social anxiety, to simply feeling low in self love. I will help you own who you are, holding yourself in high regard so you can walk this earth as a Lion. A powerful presence, courageous, brave and bold, and at the same time deeply open and loving with others. 

Do you feel relaxed and happy when you are truly free to be yourself? Perhaps when you are with your best friends? Authenticity feels great right? 

Well what if you could feel that relaxed state of being with all people? Truly owning who you are, and expressing yourself unapologetically?

It's important to feel comfortable in your own skin, to be able to look another human being in the eye and speak, to be able to listen deeply to another without being distracted by our own worried thoughts of how you look to them. 

It's important that you can be truly self aware, and spread that awareness into full presence with others. 


Because feeling lonely sucks. And loneliness only comes when we do not feel connected with ourselves and others. 

We can go to work and interact all day long, and still feel lonely. We can have friends and go to the pubs with them at weekends, and still feel lonely... 

That happens because we do not feel we are being ourselves, we are holding back. 

Holding back happens because we do not accept ourselves. The fear we may feel, the nervousness, the self-doubt that inevitablely pops up. We do not accept the strong parts of us either, our own courage, our passion, our sense of humour, the love we feel for others in our hearts etc.

Learning to accept ourselves and practicing taking action in the direction we desire (making deep and authentic friendships, dating, getting the jobs we want etc) is key to feeling in our power. 

This is my promise to you: I will help you feel in your power, no matter what you are feeling at the time. Self-acceptance will become a strong part of you, you will hold yourself tall and proud, you will walk like a Lion, with direction and strength. You will laugh when you want to, and cry when you feel like doing so, you will have open connections with others, strangers in the street, and friends you have known forever. You will feel your strength as an expansive presence.  

You will have an inner freedom, the freedom to be yourself. 


Heres how to get started:

Book a time slot with me for an initial 60 minute transformation call. The call costs £20 which you can securely pay with paypal (paypal email: george_howard.inspire@yahoo.co.uk)

I sincerely look forward to meeting you. 

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you have if you don't feel ready to book a time slot. 

Or add me on Facebook and send me a message there.


Are you ready to be relentlessly YOU? 

Through working with me one on one you will be invited to receive the following: 

- You will be able to create beautiful, authentic and loving relationships with people or a person that you LOVE to have in your life. 

- You will become who you really are, authentically expressing your true way of being in the world, without shame and without fear, you will create effortlessly deep connections with others.

- You will learn to be more courageous in your life, creating a positive relationship with fear, embodying the realisation that fear is a tool for growth. 

- You will become relaxed and accepting of who you are, calm and relaxed in almost all social situations. 

- You will learn to let go of the embedded shame and guilt around your sexual nature that society creates, you will learn to embrace yourself as a sexual being.

- You will learn how to be more loving and compassionate, with an expansive awareness of the world around you. 

- You will learn to be more vulnerable and expressive of your feelings, creating deeper and more trusting relationships. 

- You will learn how to set boundaries, be respected and develop self-trust without losing compassion, kindness or love in your heart. 

- You will understand, embody and realise the truth of what it means to be one with everything and everyone, you will have the realisation of oneness embedded in who you are. 


Client Testimonials: 

"Wise, intuitive, loving.

When I think of George, those are the words that best describe him. 

Wise (way) beyond his years, George intuitively knows what questions to ask, and he does it with love. 

The time and money I’ve spent with George has been worth it — and then some. If you have the opportunity to work with George, consider yourself fortunate. 

You’re about to grow, learn, and love, in ways you haven’t experienced before."  

~ Gregory Noack (Writer, Story Teller, Marketing Whisperer)

Having conversations with george simply takes you places. I've had the pleasure of numerous conversations with george and since doing that I've been at least twice as productive and my direction was clear. 

It's hard to explain, but in conversations with George there is simply a space of presence in which ideas and insights pop up seemingly by themselves. 

If you get the chance to connect with George, don't hesitate. 

~ Andreas Juul Jacobsen (School Teacher)

I am now more clear about allowing my playfulness to come through again more than ever as part of my creative expression of who I am.

I became more aware of any hidden forcefields or barriers to my playfulness, and began dissolving some layers to let more of the natural and more playful expression of me come through.

Not playfulness in a frivolous way...my playfulness as an expression of who I truly am when Im deeply, authentically self expressed.

It has been powerful.

I feel more me.

I actually feel deeper when Im more playful somehow like i’m less controlled and in my coping patterns and instead more expressive.

~ Katz Cowley (Childrens Books Illustrator)

George is the real deal when it comes to coaching. In the skype sessions we did he asked the right questions at the right time. It made me challenge some of the limiting beliefs that I still had.

He challenged me to just be a normal man for 2 weeks without the need to constantly improve myself. I was living with some ideas about the way I should be and the things I should do. But there's nothing I should do or have to do to feel enough as a man. I already knew this but somehow talking with George helped me integrate it on a deeper level.

It was refreshing and it lead to more internal peace and self-love.

I realized that relaxation is just as important as working on improving myself. I now value relaxation much more and have given it a more consistent place in my life. I can recommend working with George, he can help you see the ways in which you limit yourself and help you allow yourself to have so much more. 

- Thomas Murray (Inner Transformations Coach)

“George is so present, it actually made me a little nervous. In a good way.

I can see why he is a powerful coach, it’s like he’s seeing what you’re not saying, not even thinking, or not yet aware of. From the little we’ve talked, I sense that he is brave, bold and yet really genuinely caring and kind.

He has a zen-like adventurous spirit. Connected to nature, but patient in the unfolding. I don’t have to know George for another minute to see that whomever is sitting in front of him, is the only person in the world.”

~ Vanessa Broers (Life Coach, Speaker)

"George Howard is such a caring, heart-centered person. I was able to meet George personally last summer in Budapest and just being around him already gave me deep insights about myself and how I want to show up in the relationships I’m having with others.

This man truly cares. I felt understood, and totally accepted.

You can feel that from the first minute, he provides the love and space needed to open up and helps us to make those transformative shifts within us that takes the quality of our relationships to a totally new level."

~ Sam Ryter (Author, Novelist)

“I spent a week with George and his lovely fiancee, Rosie, walking and talking along the boulevards of Bucharest.

I immediately recognized that I was in the company of a fellow troubadour and lover of beauty.

George’s passion, authenticity, and love for people was clearly evident, and it makes him a shining example of what inspired living looks like.

It is nice to know that there are people out there like George who are on a revelatory mission, and I absolutely know his work is changing the world for the better.”

~ Zan Perrion (Author Of "The Alabaster Girl")

"I've been pursuing excellence in different areas throughout the years and I've been coaching people on that same path. I have also been coached by different coaches who brought a lot of value into my life.

I can say that the time I spent with George was empowering because of the questions he asked, they were simple, yet deep and intuitive and I believe that this is what he is extraordinary at.

Before I had direction and I thought I knew where I was going in my life and business, but during our work together I figured out how to structure my business even better, what to focus on and how to speak my story to the world.

It all came from the clarity I got from the questions George asked me.

I would invite you to work with George, your life and business will benefit."

~ Dan Weiss (Athletic Performance Coach)