26 June 2019

The Transformative Adventure Coaching Experience 

This is experience is about getting away from the stifling and repressive city life and moving oneself into the healing natural world.

Just being within nature is healing and transformative, adding to that the powerful week long coaching that I shall provide and we have an incredible package to create exponential inner growth that becomes part of one’s being for the rest of our days. 

Retreat to nature and feel truly alive again. 

Spend 7 days.. One whole week away from ones normal environment and move into the quiet tranquility of the beautiful land of the Lakes and Mountains – The Lake District.

Are you a success at what you do? Do you ‘have it all’, but can’t shake the sense that something is missing?

Are you overworked, overthinking and over stressing?

Is your life not as enjoyable as it once was? Do you feel suppressed, disconnected from your body, do you struggle to create fulfilling relationships and be your most authentic self?

Do you feel disconnected from who you really are?

It’s time to go back to our roots, a re-wilding if you will, to play, to let go, to breathe fresh air, to move, to FEEL again. 

Living alongside the natural beauty and wonders of the earth, a deep shift happens within us, we begin to feel a joy within, we feel a clearing in our heart space and a space begins opening in our mind for a deep sense of clarity to fill it. 

We begin to feel freedom like we have never experienced before, free from our over stimulated mind, free from our routines and automated ways of being, with this freedom we can create from the present, we can create a way of being that serves our lives in the best way possible. 

There is an intelligence so prominent in the natural world and being within it, interacting with it and silencing ourselves with the calmness of it all we can take on that natural intelligence, we can re-connect ourselves with the power of this earth. 

Experience powerful transformative coaching whilst climbing epic mountains and walking in some of the most beautiful areas in the United Kingdom.


Why did I create this immersion program?

Firstly – Why wouldn’t one want to go on a retreat to nature? The Lake District is mesmerising, there is no place better to experience deep inner change that can transform your outer life. 

My passion is creating a transformational experience for the individuals that I coach.

I wanted to create something that could create a shift within, a shift from overthinking mind into the feeling, and the intuition of our bodies, where fear and logic don’t hold strength, where we can align our WAY OF BEING with who WE REALLY ARE. 

One of the places I personally feel the most joy in my soul, is within the heart of nature, in the mountains surrounded by incredible views and the soothing sound and peace of the slow moving lakes. 

Nature (especially mountains) has an energy to it that will contribute to inner change like no city or town ever could, the idea is to pull you out of your normal environment into somewhere magical, with a calming energy that will bring a sense of joy and appreciation and allow you to be more of who you really are. 

I wanted to create an immersion program that I knew would have the greatest effect on the lives of those who attend, I wanted to create something that would touch the very soul of the people involved, including my own.

The Experience

→ Reach new heights of clarity in your life that only deep, powerful coaching and contemplative time in the quiet beauty of nature can produce.

→ Strip away the layers of fear, suppression and repression that are holding you back from being who you really are. 

→ Feel an inner freedom to create life exactly as you want it through being aware of who you be. 

→ Create a you that can create incredibly fulfilling relationships that are deeply loving experiences.

→ Start the day by practicing being more in your body and allow the mind to become quiet through deep breathing practices and Yoga.

→ Experience a deep happiness through the power of appreciation and meditations that cultivate love. 

→ Create Self-love and Self-acceptance so you no longer live in a state of self-sabotage which is keeping you in a pattern of un-fulfilment and unhappiness with what you’ve achieved and who you are, finally feel enough just as you are.

→ Spend the day on long contemplative walks and adventure up mountains, thinking of nothing but the appreciation and love for your surroundings and the feelings in your body in brings. 

→ Learn how to create from the present moment so you can truly be the creator of your life, no longer a prisoner of your thoughts and emotions. 

→ Awaken to the day by practicing deep breathing exercises that release any trapped emotions in your body, feel a natural high just by breathing deeply into your body.

→ Learn movement practices and skills, such as climbing, balancing and Parkour type movement that challenges your body and brain in new ways. 

→ Experience cold water therapy, bringing a rejuvenation and calm to your mind and body. Plunging into pools under waterfalls and wild swimming.

→ Enjoy a relaxing massage 3 days of the week to soothe and release any tensions (Your choice of when). 

→ Live in a space of completely health and vitality, each day we will be eating healthy and nutritious meals (Herbal Tonic and Elixirs to begin the day, Hydrating fruits in abundance, mind fully chosen foods grouped together to create both nutritious and tasty evening meals that help us recover and relax from the days activities.) 

To make this a more powerful, personal experience I am only taking 2 people on each retreat to nature experience.

Immersion is powerful, fully immersing yourself in a transformational experience is a life changing experience.

You will be surrounded by health, vitality, movement and nature all geared toward helping you be in your body and experience more of who you really are. 

It’s time to take a stand, it’s time to say enough is enough, it’s time to make the changes that will propel your life into excellence and create a happy, authentic, free, beautiful, loving and empowered life. Every Single Day Of Your Lives.  


Are you the person i’m looking for to join me on this retreat to nature?

I want to work with people that are ready to go deep and realize their power fully on a core level and embody it every single day.

If you’re ready than simply fill out the form below, I’ll read it and get back to you ASAP to invite you to join me on a coaching call, I want to serve you powerfully in this call so you will experience the full impact of what coaching with me does.

If you love it and we both want to go further then I will give you all the details needed to make this retreat to nature a reality.

I’m excited and can’t wait to meet and connect with you. 

With love,