24 October 2016

What Nature Has Taught Me About Relationships

Nature is my haven, within it I feel more relaxed, more energetic and more alive. I feel peaceful, a quiet joy, a deep sense of gratitude, I feel love.

The thing is, when we see nature in it’s natural form, for most of us it speaks to us in ways we can’t understand. We stand there and we say “Wow, it’s so beautiful”, we don’t seem to know why it is, but it is all the same, we just see it for what it is and appreciate it without any judgments of how it should or shouldn’t be.

The way I appreciate nature is unconditional, I want nothing back from the way I think and feel about what I see in the surroundings, I simply watch, observe, accepting it without a second thought.

The way I appreciate nature is completely free from the “I have to see you this way or you’re not good enough” type judgment.

The relationship I have with nature is so simple, it requires nothing but love and appreciation, nature doesn’t try to change or possess me, neither do I try to change or possess it.

The only thing I do know is it makes me want more, it makes me say “I love everything about you, just as you are right now and I want to enjoy your presence (with all my presence) now and whenever we can make it happen again”.

Nature gives me space to be me, and I give nature space to be…. Well…. Just nature.

We both want nothing more than that, I owe nature nothing, and it owes me nothing…. Ever.

We are what we are.

Do you know the times I feel most love for my partner?

It’s the times I see her through the same eyes that I see nature.