24 June 2016

Want A Fulfilling Relationship? Then I Invite You To Read This…

I am so passionate about the subject of relationships, it’s the most important subject on earth, our relationships with others… We can all relate to the importance of it… Everyone is talking about it, we all want to be loved and we want to have someone or people to love in our lives.. It’s the most joyful thing on earth.. Right??

It’s also very, very simple to have a fulfilling relationship, or what I call a fulfilling partnership.

But in all its simplicity we end up making it complicated, our thinking minds get in the way, we over think everything, we forget that to be fulfilled we don’t need much at all.. We end up putting all sorts of obstacles in the way of the fulfilment that is right there in front of us.

It all comes from fear, the fear of being unworthy, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being hurt, the fear of giving love and not getting anything back.. I get it, I feel it too.. We are human beings, it’s natural..

Yet in my eyes the world of relationships needs a complete overhaul, everywhere around me I see unhappiness, destructive behaviour and fear.

This is creating a cycle of destruction where everyone is in our heads, scared to truly love, scared to be vulnerable and scared to truly let go into trust.

It doesn’t need to be this way, I won’t accept it, I won’t allow it to carry on.. I get angry about this stuff, I get frustrated, it’s got to change..

My mission is to move the world of relationships from fear into love, from unhappiness to happiness and from destruction to fulfilment..

And it is so simple for us to do it… RIGHT NOW..

The simplicity of it is this: Love our partner anyway….

What would happen to our relationships, if we moved from our thinking mind into feeling and loving from our hearts? This means to stop thinking so much, it means to get out of our own way..

What would happen if we truly began GIVING in our relationships without NEEDING anything back?

What if we were to stop listening to that insecure voice of jealousy and fear and loved our partner anyway? What if through all the feelings of insecurity, we took a courageous stand and loved them anyway!?

This is the answer, from the very beginning, every moment till the very end… Simply love with all our hearts..

That is fulfillment.