07 January 2016

Relaxing Into Your Inner Child.

Ah… To be a child, relaxed, present and full of joy…. Those were the days… But wait, where did it all go?

Do you remember the days when you didn’t have a care in the world, the summers seemed to last forever and life seemed a little more colourful, more exciting?
Those times of being a young child looking with wonderment and curiosity at the world around you.. Every step into the world was a learning experience, an emotional roller coaster. Full of powerful feelings all felt and expressed to their very maximum. Joy, sadness, anger… All expressed without fear and inhibitions.

As we grow older the summers seem shorter, we aren’t as present, we don’t look around us with that same joy and wonderment, we don’t seem to feel as much, life isn’t as colourful, our worries creep up on us as society pressures us to be a certain way, we lose our relaxed ways, stress eats into us and instead of listening to our feelings we push them all down with alcohol, consumerism, food and cigarettes.. The key is to not ignore these feelings.. It’s all a calling to relax into life, it’s a calling to stop fighting life and let it flow instead, just as you did when you were young.
Where did our inner child go? Why do we push it deep down inside of us, and ignore the fact we all still just children deep down?

To get back in touch with our inner child is to find the joy in life again, to be children again isn’t to say we give up our responsibilities, it isn’t to say we lose our independence and rely on others again. We can still stand strong on this earth, taking full responsibility for ourselves and others while still letting our inner child shine.

Why do we ever stop being present and aware of the beauty life has to offer? Why do have to lose our childlike sense of fun, wonderment and curiosity?

How would your life start to look if you started being curious again? Curious about the world, curious about others? Questioning the world and seeking wonder and joy?

Surely our lives should be full of joy? Surely we have a choice to bring back our sense of fun, surely we can relax into life even while still seeing to the needs that an adult is responsible for?

Life isn’t a fighting battle till the end, it’s a relaxed flow. It’s a surrender.

To live as an adult and make our mark on this world a beautiful, authentic journey we must let our inner child shine forth, we must seek beauty, joy and express our sense of fun to the world.

Let’s look around us with this child like sense of wonder and feel again, feel everything. Don’t suppress your feelings, listen to them for they are your inner child’s needs and can’t be ignored.

Do you need all the stress you create? Do you need worries? Has worrying ever helped you in anyway?

Do you think life would be more fun if you stopped trying to control it and let it flow instead?

How would your life look if you appreciated this moment for all that you have and felt joy for your life then moved toward the life you desire with this grateful heart?

In this way there is no struggle, no hardship. You can relax into the beauty of life and be a child again, fulfilling your need to love and be loved.

Can you imagine relaxing back into the person you were as a child?
Relaxed, happy and living without fear holding you back?
Well through my one hour online coaching sessions i can help get you back to that relaxed state of being, by destroying limiting beliefs and addressing fearful mindsets you may have developed over time.