13 July 2015

For The Love Of Running.

There is something really special about physically pushing the human body. The pain you push through, the mental strength created, the endorphins that rush through your brain and body, the adrenaline and of course the battle between negative and positive self talk.

For the last 10 years or so I have loved pushing my body in a variety of ways, it’s something I thrive on, and although the sports I am passionate about have changed, the same desire to develop myself stays strong.

The human body is an incredible thing and there are a lot of people out there doing incredible things with their bodies in a variety of ways. The levels that people are achieving are at an all time high.


This article is about Running – a sport anyone with working limbs can do. It’s both simple and beautifully complex.

Any one can run, but it takes a certain type of person to go far in the sport, to push your body through your perceived limitations of the mind and body.

Your mind will tell you to stop when the going gets tough and the people who keep on going are the people who understand the minds resistance to stepping out of the comfort zone.

But what’s so great about comfort? We have been in comfort our whole lives.. when it comes to training we need to completely forget about feeling any kind of comfort. Leave it behind as you fully immerse yourself in pushing your body.

Running should be moment by moment, step by step in the here and now. Running is an opportunity to feel everything, watch the pain come and go, watch your thoughts switch between negative and positive, watch your thoughts clear, and watch them come in. Look at the surroundings and take it all in. Hot, cold, rain or shine, feel everything.


Why do we avoid pain?

The pain from training can be an enlivening experience. It will bring you into the present moment, the only moment that matters, yet people avoid it as much as they possibly can..


So why do we avoid it? Well….  put simply it hurts… and it can bring up a lot of negative self talk.

Which of course for most of us we are very attached to, we find it hard to realise we are not our thoughts, they come and go and all we need to do is witness them. Just because our mind says stop there, that’s enough… it really doesn’t mean that’s the right thing to do, it’s a test of your will. It’s saying are you ready to keep going out of the comfort bubble you have worked so hard to stay in.

The way I see it – the pain and discomfort should be something you are grateful for..

There are people out there without any limbs, or without the use of their legs, think what they would give to feel the burn in the legs as they run up a hill, free to explore their bodies and use them fully.

Take this gratitude for what you have every time you want to give up and remember that their are people out there that would love to have what you do – and use that as fuel to push you forward.

You are lucky to be able to train your body to get stronger and fitter, why half arse it. Go all in and give your body the respect and attention it deserves.

Running is freedom – just you and the road, being alone and learning to feel everything completely in the present moment. It’s a lesson about yourself, it will test you, it questions your will. It will bring up all types of emotions as you progress mile by mile.

Sure running isn’t for everyone – but if any of the above speaks to you, then have a go. See how far you can push yourself, forget any excuses – forget looking for the right running shoes or the right clothes. Just get out on the road or trails and go for it… the rest will fall into place.