07 April 2015

3 Ways To Become “Fearless” In A Fearful World.

Fear. One of the most influential feelings known to man.What a subject it is.

Fear is something more people should try to understand and question in their lives. Have you ever thought maybe the way we see fear isn’t the way it needs to be?

After all it can either drive your life into greatness, or it can bring it to a stagnant stand still, understanding fear helps us to see it differently. Not as something to be avoided but something to transcend into a driving force. A positive one at that.

This article is all about explaining why fear doesn’t need to be felt as something negative and why you have the power to be fearless in your everyday lives.

Here are 3 ways to transcend fear into something positive, something that drives you forward in your life. Something that creates and builds abundance.

1. Remember Fear Isn’t Real – 

I know that’s a big statement to make, but let me explain.. Our brains are perfectly wired for survival, but not for the times we are in now. We have a brain that is tuned up for a time around 75,000 years ago where we had to have a fight or flight response in situations to survive. And these were actual dangerous situations like avoiding being killed by wild animals that can come from anywhere at any time. Or even just defending your tribe from outside attackers.

Those were the times where the fear had a reason to be there. It was humanities driving force to survive in a time where the odds were against them.

In this day and age we just don’t need that fight or flight response yet it seems to pop up  at the most ridiculous of times. Our brains are wired so that now instead of feeling fear in actual dangerous situations, we feel it from things like public speaking, going to a job interview or when wanting to meet someone we find attractive.

So remember this, the fear you feel now in those situations is fine to feel. Feel it, then just remind yourself, that fear isn’t needed in those situations. There is no real danger from these irrational fears. Life will go on.

2. Give, Don’t Take. 

Fear in a lot of situations comes from the need to take from someone or something. You start to feel you need something so much that you begin to feel fear through imagining not getting that thing you think you need. This is taking and it can appear as fear in many situations.

Here’s an example – Imagine you’re a guy or girl and you are in a shop, while browsing you see a guy, or girl that you find really attractive. You want to go to talk to them, but the fear starts to crop up, you start to imagine the scenario going either “good” or “bad”. In one hand it could go really well, you might walk away with his or her number, on the other you could be “rejected”, and the other people who may be near by could judge you.

So you have a battle inside you and this battle or fear comes up because of the need to take something from this person you find attractive, you suddenly put all this expectation on this one person that you had never even seen before that day – you want to “take” their number or take their approval of you – enough to go on a date or sleep with you anyway. If you get his or her approval in the form of a number or date then you will feel good, if you get rejected then you will feel bad. Thus the fear is there.

Now if you were to switch from taking to giving, and you saw this person as an opportunity to give something to them then you wouldn’t have that fear or the need for validation and approval. You can go over there with no expectations and give your gift to them. ‘Excuse me, Hello. I just wanted to come over and tell you how beautiful you are (A gift in the form of a compliment) and not needing anything in return. You didn’t go over to take anything, you went over to give a simple gift. Now where it goes from there it doesn’t really matter. You have given your gift and now he or she can either continue to talk to you or simply walk away, it doesn’t matter. You will feel whole either way, you haven’t put unneeded expectations on this person.

Now if you apply that same giving mindset to everything, then fear disappears. Give, give and give in all the ways you can. After all who feels fear from giving a gift?

3. Learn To Love The World, Not Fear It.

If you love properly, fear can’t exist.

Step away from the news and all its fear filled information, step away from the feeling that the world is out to get you, try to love and see the good in everybody. Not just your friends and family.

If you practice kindness, appreciation and gratitude, fear won’t exist in your life. Be kind to everyone and you will attract the same back,  fully appreciate the people in your life and you will feel appreciated, be grateful for everything and everyone in your life everyday and your gratitude will shine through.

All these things create abundance in your life, they create a sense of power in your life. You don’t need anything to feel happy and content, and in this non-neediness you can go for everything you want and only because you want it, not because you feel you need it. You aren’t trying to fill a gap inside you as you are already whole. Anything you add or create in your life is an added bonus to the abundant life you already have.

You can’t feel fear when you are being kind, you can’t feel fear when you appreciate, and you can’t feel fear if you are feeling gratitude or being grateful for what you have in that moment.