18 February 2015

What Is Real Success?

What does real success really mean? What does it stand for in our lives?

The real success in life occurs when you find that thing that you are so passionate about, that you care so deeply about, that no matter what the consequences, you will never ever stop loving it and riding on the journey that it provides you.

You are filled with so much passion and desire to do your absolute best toward it, that before ever conceiting to failure you would rather die first. You would die, to allow that passion to live on and manifest into its strongest most beautiful form. For you know that a man who cares that much, will succeed. There are no other options.

But don’t be fooled. Success isn’t this big shiny medal of achievement you one day are rewarded with. It is something to be lived, every single day that you follow your heart, living to its deepest desires and passion so fully that nothing ever falters its strength. That is real success, following your true calling, your purpose. That very thing you love with all your heart and soul.

It can lead you on adventures you would never believe. It can lead you into hardship you didn’t think you would ever have to deal with. It can be such a high that you’ll be filled with joy and happiness in every breath and step you take, or it can take a slippery slope down into heart ache and turmoil. But when the love is as powerful as one that is formed by the passion for a purpose, it doesn’t matter what comes your way. You will plough through regardless. Nothing can stop you on your path of success.

Others opinions are shattered by the strength of character your purpose provides you. Your belief for love and service toward your purpose is too powerful to be down trodden by the critics and doubters of the world. These people are the ones who would of also had the call for that all important true calling, but ignored it through fear and doubt and settled for less, settled for the easy path of mediocrity. Their bitter resentment stings so much every time they see the power of someone who is following theirs.

When you care so much for something, a power comes over you that will always be unbeatable. Following your passion isn’t all happy bubbles and joy. You will encounter a lot of struggle, but what does it matter? When you are working on that thing you care about so much? Even if you are so tired you can barely muster the energy to speak, you will still have energy for that one thing you love more than anything else.

When you are doing that thing that you love, the thing you are passionate about, the fears you once had are replaced by an electric excitement of what the day could bring. You may be doing things you’ve never done before. You may be so out of your comfort zone that you don’t know what to do with yourself.

But you won’t be filled with a fear that halts you in your tracks, with a fear that fills you with negative sensations. It will feel like a powerful adrenal spike, an electric impulse of power that drives you forward into the unknown, for after all you will die for your passion if that’s what it takes for you to follow that true calling to your fullest extent. To give it everything you have.

So, tell me, what is it you love? And it can be anything, find something you care so deeply about it brings a spark of excitement and joy up inside of you. If you don’t know what that thing is, keep searching and when it comes, don’t ignore it’s call. For you will be inviting a life of resentment, frustration and regret.

Follow your heart, step into your power. Leave the mediocrity to the critics of the world, because of course. They aren’t going anywhere, and that’s fine, let them be, for you will know real success.

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