29 August 2017

You Can Have What You Want...Just Do More Of This.

As a coach I work with a lot of people who want something, they want more energy, more authenticity, better relationships, more fun and joy, a better job, whatever it may be they want something that isn’t in their life right now in the way they would like it. 

What’s really interesting as a Coach is seeing what my clients can’t, I don’t have the same filters that they see the world with, I am able to see their world differently without the fears and sense of worth that they are seeing with. I can see that what they really want is actually right there in front of them, if only they would simply reach out and take what it is they want. 

I see it time and time again in both my own life and the life of my inspiring clients, there is one missing key component to having what we want more of, and it is so simple we miss it time and time again….

The thing is if I tell you what it is right now in this article, you’ll probably be inspired by it, thinking “shit, thats it, I have the answer now, I can have whatever I want” and then the next day comes and you’ll probably be back to the old mindset, the inspiration will slowly evaporate and life will go on in default mode. 

So let me tell you a story that shows clearly how we create what we want time and time again, in a way that doesn’t have to have inspiration fuelling it. 

Here's the story: 

There was a time during my early days as a Parkour Athlete that I would train like a mad man, I would constantly set myself goals, pushing myself to do new movements, in those times I would imagine executing these movements whilst sitting at home listening to music. 

I would visualise being an amazing Parkour athlete and then the next day I would go out and I would warm up, the first step Parkour session is to stand looking, evaluating the new movement, as I stand and look at the wall I will take off,  and the railing beyond that in which I will grab momentarily and flow over, I can feel the possibility of my own life before me. 

I begin to look at it more seriously- as I look I feel strong, and I know I can do it, I am more than capable of this movement, I can see it in my minds eye as I look ahead and my body starts to feel a build up of energy, I can feel the fear of excitement and possibility pulsing through me, I start to think that I could actually do this movement that I would love to do, I know this movement will take my Parkour to a higher level as an Athlete, it will unlock a new part of me, one that is more capable and courageous than before, a whole new identity will be born because of it.

I run up to the jump testing out the run up to the wall that I will jump from-  the fear creeps in again but not in a good way, my mind begins blocking the possibility of me doing this jump, it rebels against the idea as it doesn’t like the unknown. It wants to keep me safe, but it is holding me back, my mind is scared to let go and allow the possibility to become a reality. 

The next level of what I am capable of is one movement away. 

Ten minutes has gone by with me running back and forth preparing mentally for the jump, I become present with my feelings in my body as I stand and I visualise doing this movement once more, I run the possibility through and through my mind and my body builds up that feeling again, but this time it’s a good feeling, energy begins pulsating through me with a strong feeling of excitement hitting me in waves. I run at the wall and this time I let go of my minds fearful thoughts, I really let go, there comes a split second in time where my mind goes quiet, and that is my window, that is the moment I make the decision to take the leap. I run hard and I take off both feet on the wall, I dive through the air with my hands out in front of me and there is a feeling of relief as I fly, no thoughts, no time, nothing, just presence with the movement, this is such a beautiful moment, I am flying and as my hands grab around the railing, my body flows through my arms and I let go, landing with my feet on the ground the otherside of the railing, running gracefully forward, away from the previous me. 

It’s done now and as expected I feel calm, relaxed and present. I am not the same person I was 10 seconds ago, I have opened up a new possibility for myself, and I have proved once again what I can actually do if I allow myself to take the required action.

And there it is….. the answer I have been looking for, the answer that actually creates a very big question that can change anyone's life forever:

“What would my life look like if I actually ALLOW myself to create and be what I want?” 

What scares a lot of people with this question is that they are suddenly responsible for all they have ever wanted, and have yet to create. It's scary because with this question, we have more power than we thought, we are the ones that make the choices that can create whatever we desire to create. 

No one else is to blame when we take full responsibilty, no one, no matter what limiting beliefs we have grown up with, no matter how hard we have had it, we have a choice now, to live a life in alignment with who we actually are, and what we actually want. 

It’s so simple that we constantly ignore it in our lives, we make decisions every single day that are creating our lives as we know it, and we make decisions that hold ourselves back from being who we want to be, we don’t ALLOW ourselves to have it. 

We miss the fact that we are one choice away from being and having what we really want.

We really are one choice away, if we see that than we become the creators we are born to be. 

So here are a couple of questions to ask ourselves today, right now.

  1. Who am I not allowing myself to BE in the world?
  2. What am I not allowing myself to create because I am holding back from taking the required actions? 

These are honest questions, questions of responsibility, questions that have the power to change our lives in any given moment. 

We block ourselves every day, mostly in moments when things feel the most incredible, like in our relationships when we are more in love than ever, or when we see someone we would love to talk with, or when we have success in our career or business, and even when we feel the most confident and relaxed in ourselves.

But what would happen if we stopped blocking ourselves? What would happen if we allowed ourselves to continue feeling and living an incredible life? What would happen if we constantly took actions in the direction of our own possibilities? 

I made a decision the day I did that movement, I made a decision to allow myself to accept the possibility of what I can create, I made a decision to allow myself to be courageous in that moment, to let go and allow my life to grow. 

What decisions can you make each day and in each moment that will actually allow your life to grow? What can you allow right now that will allow you to BE the person you have always dreamed of being? 

Don’t worry about holding onto it all day every day, but instead simply let go of outcomes, and keep making conscious decisions whenever necessary, whenever fear pops in, can you be courageous for that moment? Can you allow yourself the possibility of growth, again, and again? 

Can you allow yourself to take one small step forward? 


Would you like to have a co-creation conversation with me? 

Co-create with me and I will show the possibilities of who you are and who you can be in the world, I will be a mirror for you, a mirror of your own brilliance, giving you insight after insight of what next small step you can take that takes your life to the next level.

I work with action takers, people that inspire me, if you’re ready to take action in your life, if you’re ready to say enough is enough and take responsibility for who you are being, then let’s talk.

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No pressure, no sales, just service. If we decide to work together over a long term and continue to co-create together, then we shall talk fees, for now let's simply connect. 

About the Author: 

My name is George Howard, my life’s mission is to be relentlessly ME, to BE alive and to liberate others wherever I go so they can do the same.

I believe wholeheartedly that the freedom to be ourselves is vital to living a fulfilled life, to be authentic, to be the real us, to not hide away, to be vulnerable and accept ourselves completely. 

The coaching and writing I create allows my inspiring clients and readers to come alive in their own lives. 

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