12 November 2017

My Journey From Fear To Fearless


I help people become more of who they really are so they feel more alive, more courageous, more loving and experience more bliss.

I do this exceptionally well because I have been on that exact journey, in fact I am on that journey right now.

As a child, I held back. I held back alot. I thought I was the only one who felt fear and I felt shame around that fear. I thought I needed to be naturally confident, I thought I needed to be perfect, and because I knew I would make mistakes, and because I knew I wasn’t perfect I held back from trying too hard through fear of ridicule from others.

I was born with a strong masculine essence, I dreamed of being superhuman, wanting to be a warrior, wanting to adventure, wanting to explore the world around me. I was a freedom seeker and I seeked freedom through my day to day adventures, but at school I felt trapped. I constantly attracted fights throughout my school years with other boys wanting to prove their worth.

Looking back I realised I obviously had a vibration of energy that attracted people’s fists, this carried on until my late teens when I got arrested for fighting, after that it slowly dissipated as I created a more loving vibration that others could feel. The fighting stopped.  

I disliked school because I felt it held me back from my true self, and it did. I wanted to be climbing trees, I wanted to be outside in the wilderness, I wanted to move, I didn’t want to sit and listen to subjects I didn’t care about, I didn’t want to spend time with people that I didn’t like, and that didn’t like me. 

The need to know I was enough. 

I had a need to prove myself to my father. I had a love and respect for him like all boys do for the masculine men in their lives. I wanted to be strong like him, I wanted to be smart like him too. Nothing ever seemed to match up and he certainly didn’t tell me I was strong or smart, quite the opposite in fact. I wasn’t shown that it is okay to be real, to be vulnerable. I wasn’t shown that I could spend time learning or practicing to get good at something. I wasn’t told that mistakes are okay, and that we all start somewhere.

I was born with a masculine essence, but I suppressed it over the years, especially within my interactions with women, I was the nice guy, not wanting to impose, not wanting to offend, not expressing my true desire or appreciation for the feminine. (From a very young age I dreamed of a loving relationship with a beautiful woman, inside and out).

My body language showed the years of self-doubt and school bullying, I was closed to my true potential and other people could sniff that out a mile away.  

I had very low self-acceptance and self-love, even though I was seen as attractive, even though girls liked me, I just couldn’t see why. I remember a reoccurring dream of going out in the world without using some kind of product in my hair, I was scared that people would see my hair in it’s natural way. Ha ha, I was genuinely scared that might happen.

My life began to transform (and continued to over the next decade) after I found the sport of Parkour, this was my first love, because of Parkour I learnt to embrace my masculine essence again, using my courage, expressing myself through a sport that demanded strength and skill. I faced real danger over and over again, I made mistakes over and over again, and I got better and better as the years went by. 

I learnt to love the journey of progression, I learnt to embrace the challenges and seek them out constantly, pushing the boundaries of what my body was capable of.

Because of Parkour I embraced who I am deep within again, I learnt to embrace the warrior within. I became fearless, not because I didn’t feel fear, but because I didn’t let it hold me back any more.

This fearlessness quickly progressed into other areas of my life where I was once held back because of fear, such as expressing myself with others, speaking my truth and talking to and attracting women into my life.

Authenticity was my greatest desire. 

I one day had a realisation that authentic expression was far more important to me than being liked and loved, I realised that being more of who I really am is incredibly enlivening and fulfilling.

I learnt to accept myself by being real and allowing myself to be vulnerable with others.

It changed my life, no longer seeking acceptance or the need to be perfect, I learnt to express me, fully.

I now have a relationship with a woman that fits me perfectly because I was ME when I met her, fully, unfiltered, real and vulnerable me.

I am now extremely comfortable with people, not because I feel confident all the time and I feel super interesting, but instead it’s because I am relaxed with who I am. It doesn’t matter if I say the wrong thing, or if i have no idea what the hell they are talking about, I don’t care if I look silly, or am misunderstood. I just speak my truth, or feel my truth.

I feel a deep connection with others, because I have expanded my awareness outside of myself, I don’t feel imprisoned any more, I feel expansive.

I love to be courageous, that’s what I do best.

The life we want to live inside and outside of ourselves is one mindset shift away.

This is what I can do for YOU, and I am fully committed to doing just that. 

I help people get in touch with their courage again and learn to see fear in a completely different way.

I help people express who they really are into the world, I help them access their truth.

I help people free themselves from self-imposed imprisonment so they feel ALIVE, fulfilled and experience more bliss.

Becoming more of who we really are is phenomenal in creating the life we want, and even if we never reach the level of success we want in any part of our lives, we shall always have the truth of who we are shining from our way of being and that is the most fulfilling, enlivening and blissful experience of our lives.

Freedom from fear.

Freedom from our impossible to fulfill desires.

Freedom from the need to be enough.

Freedom from the need to please others.

Freedom from perfection.

Freedom from the self-hate, self-judgement, guilt and blame.

Freedom from hiding away the deepest parts of ourselves, both dark and light.

The freedom to be ourselves, expansively, is the greatest freedom of all.