13 November 2017

The Most Important Path To Self-Sufficient Happiness

Can you feel it too? Can you feel the depths of your true potential for bliss and happiness?

A lot of my life has been riding the ups and downs of the amount of happiness I actually allow into my life. I sometimes wake up feeling happy and blissful and an hour later I start to feel heavy and dissatisfied. I sometimes have whole days where I feel incredible, love bursts through me, happiness shines from my eyes, I feel joy and bliss in every moment and then I wake up the next day and I feel down.

The heaviness of dissatisfaction sets in again and I wonder what happened to all that blissful joy that I experienced so easily and gracefully the day before.  

The last couple of years for me has been a practice of allowing more and more bliss and happiness to be expressed through me without me blocking its flow.

I now have an awareness of the ways in which I sabotage my happiness that I didn’t have before.

There are still many times where I seek happiness through my outside circumstances, like wanting to live more of an adventurous life, achieving more in my business, feeling more loved by others, progressing as a Parkour Athlete, how much others accept me, doing things that scare me and the list goes on and on.

As a man specifically, adventure is in my heart, I am born to seek it and explore what I am capable of in the world, it brings me satisfaction and fulfilment as it does for many men out there with a masculine essence. But what happens is this - I open myself to these experiences and the bliss that comes with it, and then close when the rest of my life doesn’t seem to match up, hence the ups and downs of my happiness.

My point is this, none of these activities actually created happiness for me.

They are just tools I use to allow myself to access it.

I become so present to my depth within fulfilling activities that I am fully open to living it. For instance whilst climbing a mountain, I am not caught up in how much I am feeling loved or how much money I made this month, instead I am present with my heart, with who I am within and I allow myself freedom, bliss and happiness.

I use these tools to give myself permission to feel a sense of happiness, fulfilment, freedom and bliss.

I am the only one stopping or allowing the flow at any moment in my life, it’s not my circumstances, it’s not the situation I am in. It’s not the experiences or the adventures, it’s not anything but myself that creates or blocks my fullest potential for happiness, love and bliss.

We either allow our happiness to flow, or we do not.

What if every time you felt a deep sense of dissatisfaction, a lack of fulfilment or even depression it was because you were choosing to block the depth of who you really are?

No matter what the circumstance or experience we can all stay open as the depth of who we are.

We are born as love, we are born as freedom and we are born happy.

We are all born with a natural ability to be happy, it isn’t something we have to be worthy of, it isn’t something we have to work up to or earn, it isn’t something we have to seek by climbing mountains, creating a six figure business, or being loved openly by our spouse, it is a birthright, it is who we are born to be.

We all have a depth of love, bliss and happiness that if we slow down enough, we know we are capable of. In fact our potential is so great that it seems nothing we give or feel outside of ourselves could ever match up to the depth of potential within.

So how do we create more happiness, bliss and fulfilment in our day to day without needing to seek anything outside of ourselves?

I am a huge advocate for creating amazing experiences, for me with a strong masculine essence - adventure, danger and exploration of myself is something my heart yearns for. Sitting in a cave and meditating just to feel my inner happiness would be a waste of my potential as a man, I was born to be this way.

The way we create happiness WITHOUT these experiences is to become aware of our closure to our everyday life. We must become aware of the amount that we hold back when we are not swept up in adventure, to become aware of the tension we create with our everyday responsibilities, to become aware of when we block our flow of happiness because of negative self-talk, self-judgement and of course comparison.

We must become aware of our own ALLOWING of our depth to overflow with happiness, love and bliss, and from this awareness we can practice allowing ourselves being open to our inherent happiness.

Feel the depth of bliss and happiness when you are travelling, exploring the natural world,  or looking up at an incredible waterfall with the sun glistening on the water. Feel your opening, feel how you take in the experience and how you respond with allowing yourself to feel happiness and bliss, observe how you are accessing that with your presence to the depth of who you are and the depth of life itself.

We can access much more than fleeting experiences of happiness, we can stay open, always, to who we are at our depth, now and in every moment.

We are born to be happy.

How much will YOU allow that truth?

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